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Thread: Hey Rennie! Let's Start a Club!

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    Hey Rennie! Let's Start a Club!

    Well, after nearly 18 years at the same company, I got three checks in my envelope today. Along with others, I got laid off this afternoon. The software business has taken a hit just like pretty much every other field recently, so my position has been eliminated, as well as several others. I left on good terms, and have already made it known that I'm available for contract work, since it's apparent they've decided to outsource my position on a seasonal basis. (I was the only person at the company who wrote user manuals and help files, and they will need new ones before they can release the next versions of their products, which are currently in the mill.) I have no desire to go back to the company full time.

    Like Rennie, I'm looking forward to turning the page on a new chapter in life. I haven't enjoyed my job for quite a while, and life's too short to spend a major portion of it working with people you don't like. I'm going to start pursuing contract work initially, since I don't think there are a lot of viable permanent positions in my area right now. If I'm freelancing, I can work remotely for just about any company in the world, all from the relative comfort of home. It'll involve some lifestyle changes around here though, especially until I can get some work coming in.

    If anybody you know is looking for some writing or editing, technical or otherwise, let me know.
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    Awwwwwwww man. I don't like hearing THAT news.

    Plenty of room for you here in the Midwest.....Microsoft haas a big office in Fargo
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    Bummer Vaughn, I could join... as long as there'r no dues to pay!!

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Ouch, that Hurts. Sure sorry it has hit your doorstep too, Vaughn. Like has been said before, sometimes Change, works out for the better, and I sure hope it works out that way for you as well as Rennie. We had been "sweating it" for out oldest Daughter but "Fortunately" she survived her Company's First big layoff of 4,000, but if the Dow hits 5,000, they will have another really big one, and then.........

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    Sorry to hear about that Vaughn, but at the same time, I think, long term, you will be better off because of it.

    Best of luck to you, at least you can catch up on your wood turning!

    PS wanna come over and help me with the other two Aparto renovation, I'll get you to talk to the NN
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    bummer vaughn.......maybe back to pluckin` the strings at the local watering hole?
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    Sorry to hear that Vaughn- I hope something comes along soon.

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    Man oh man... Sounds like you've got a good plan, I just hope you have good luck as well my friend. You know we'll be pulling for you!

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    man vaughn its finally hit the west coast too! and even the top brass,, sorry to hear of your news and contracting from home does sound inviting... working at a job you arent happy in is one tough thing to do ,,, but the contracting in the folks that i know of doing it pays better than the 40hr jobs.. i think your gonna be having lots of company in this club in the next 6 months
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    I am not laid off but I have been more unemployed the last 6 months than employed. There has been less than 40 homes sold the last two months in our County so there are not many home to be inspected or Appraised.

    I highly suggest grabbing the book Financial Peace. He teaches to set up budget and prioritize. The only that matter are food, shelter, utilities and transportation. Got to have a place to live, food and shelter. Most of us need a car to get a job. After that, let them scream. If you can't pay it you can't pay it.

    Most of the collection departments are Masters at mashing your buttons and making you mad. Then you say 'I will show them' and write a check for the credit card (or what ever ) and then you can't make the house payment.

    Hopefully we will all find some work first though. But......
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