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Thread: A thought for the day ....Get inspired!....TGIF

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    A thought for the day ....Get inspired!....TGIF

    Last night after reading some or other post just before I shutting down the computer for the night, I could not help thinking about all the turmoil going on and how it is affecting the lives of everyone in the world. Those that have been affected but also those that have not, yet are aware of their own precarious situation.

    I say to all of you, fundamentally I believe that in all of the turmoil there is opportunity.

    Hearing of the numbers of people on our forum affected by this turmoil in one way or another gave rise to this post.

    I know its tough to look at a cup half full rather than half empty but a positive attitude and disposition makes it much easier to get by. Heck my father always preached to workers where ever he went, "half a loaf of bread is better than no bread at all"

    My suggestion therefore is be aware of the negative but most of all be positive.

    So I thought we might use this thread to do a little navel gazing and brainstorming on how we use the talents (and there are so so many) , intelligence as well as good will to help each other flourish rather than survive in these difficult times.

    Maybe I am an idealist or dreamer but I have said this to a group of business guys that I belong to as well.

    If one merely examines the skills, experience and knowledge that is prevelant in the collection of individuals that post here, one would be challenged to be able to put a company together with such brain power.

    You cannot buy the collective experience of all these people. There has to be a way to harness this capacity (given we are all connected via the web) for the common good of all.

    So much is done in the virtual world today. Just look at the very existence of the forum. Created by people for people supported by people.

    Consider these points,

    • Someone designs a piece of furniture and there is a design review team of global proportions available.
    • There are a number of highly educated designers and engineers of every discipline.
    • Any number of equally skilled artists and craftsman with creative talents to rival anything we have ever seen.
    • The forum comprises of a team of such multidisciplinary skills that the group could probably do just about anything.
    • There are mini factories "workshops" of some sort or another associated with just about every individual on the forum.
    • The is a multitude of advisers on every topic from materials, to tools to finishes to sourcing etc.
    Its a time to imagine, to dream, to experiment and then to be bold and act!

    Think back, most great inventors probably had 1/10 th of the resouces we have at our disposal today and achieved 1000 times more.

    Whats your thoughts?

    I think back to pictures in my mind of how I imagine the wagon trains of old going out west. The only way they survived was as a "train" rather than a single wagon each to his own.

    To me if there is one thing the turmoil is demonstrating is that no one is immune no matter where you are on the planet. Therefore what happens to your neighbor today regardless of how he conducted himself in the past, is going to affect you equally.

    Ok I am off the soapbox for about it throw in your thoughts for the day.

    Just dont throw stones if you have to throw anything throw good wood. That I can handle and put to use.

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    Wow! I'll have to reread all of this later in the day My morning coffee hasn't kicked in yet. You put a lot of thought in to your message Rob, and it makes good sense so far

    What goes around, comes around.

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    You make so many good points that its hard to know where to begin. You are correct; skill, experience, talent, and inspiration are in tremendous supply here. This forum is populated with some of the most gifted people I have had the pleasure to be associated with. With that much energy, synergy, and willingness to do great work available in one place.....well....the sky's the limit!
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    “We all die. The goal isn't to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.” - Chuck Palahniuk

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    Interesting Idea !

    This a very interesting concept Rob. All good ventures start with an idea. You may be starting something wonderful here. As you have mentioned, the braintrust and experience here is considerable. And there are some who now have an excess of time on their hands. I'm not usually an "idea" guy, but I'm going to put my thinking cap on and ponder on this some. Who knows where this can go ?
    Don Orr

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