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Thread: Finally a little shop time (lathe Update)

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    Finally a little shop time (lathe Update)

    Since I finished my lathe stand shop time has been pretty scarce. Between work, honey-due's, activities for my little boy, and everything else, it has been real hard to come by shop time. This last Tuesday evening and a few hours Wednesday I had a chance to get some work done. I did a cute little hollow form out of Koa that I still need to do a cap/finial for which I will show off later, and This fairly deep bowl of mesquite that I had laying around. It is pretty wormy, checked, and all around rustic. I am planning something unique for it that I will show over the next few weeks as I get time to work on it.

    This bowl blank up to know has been the heaviest piece of wood put on the lathe. I would say the blank was over 20lbs and a lot bigger than the bowl is now, plus pretty out of balance because it had/has large voids. Mesquite tends to be pretty heavy wood. The lathe is performing wonderfully, plenty of power, and stability. Really a joy to use. As you can see I really can make wood curls and chips.

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