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Thread: Amboyna Vase

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    Amboyna Vase

    Here is a amboyna vase I started turning a week ago Friday. It was just turning beautifully. I was down to taking some fine finishing cuts and going to start sanding it when it just exploded into six pieces. I didn't have a catch and the only thing was there was a small inclusion that you can't hardly see. Well I found all six pieces and they fit like a glove. I just couldn't believe how well they fit. Well at that point I should have trashed it but just couldn't make myself do it. So I got the Titebond III out and went to work. I glued all the pieces and let sit for 48 hrs. I then sanded it thru the grits. Finished it with Antique oil and 3 coats of satin rattle can poly. You can only see two places where there is a glue line. Oh well the LOML has flowers in it and she says she loves it. She tells everyone it is her glue up.
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    Bernie W.

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    Wonderful save there Bernie. Wouldn't have guessed that it had blown appart.
    It's a beautiful piece.

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    Ha!!! Amazing! It's like a Willie Mays catch!!. As always hat is off to you
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    I think it gives it character, a personallity of its own. when you can save a mistake or an oopps that is always real cool.

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    Congratulations on the save. Beautiful shape and ambonya wood is always stunning. Wooda been a shame to scrap.

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    Happy you didn't trash that Bernie it sure is a nice nice of wood. Nice design also


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    Really turn out beautiful. Nice save.

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    Bernie, beautiful piece... with all those edges, you must have gotten all the blood off quite well (before it blew up)... I love natural edge pieces like this, but sure is hard on my old hands.
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    That one looks like it was worth saving, Bernie. Nicely done, bud.
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    nice save for sure and i bet yu can disguise the glue with some artsy paint or dye.. beautiful natural edge bernie..
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