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Thread: 5 specie Chess Board

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    5 specie Chess Board

    Well I promised that I would post this Chess Board when I got done with it. This Chess board is made out of 5 Different Specie's of wood: Quartered Cherry, Holly, Quartered walnut, Curly soft maple, and Jotoba. All of the squares are made out of the Qtrd Cherry and the Holly in which I alternated the grains and put a .0625" Chamfer on all 4 edges. The sides are the qtrd Walnut and the curly maple. The bottom is the Jotoba (brizilian cherry) and Qtrd walnut. I finished the Board with a Clear Acrylic Lacquer, then polished it with wax. And to add to it all you can see some dust on the close up pic

    Now believe this or not I made this project all with scraps other than the Holly that I bought. Just junk that my shop grinds up in the scrap grinder. the cherry was in 10' lengths I picked up 13 of them ~.25"X2" Mull and the Jatoba was in 3-4' lengths ~.25"X6" etc. And they were going to throw those things away.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chess board 044 (600 x 450).jpg   Chess board 045 (600 x 450).jpg   Chess board 042 (600 x 450).jpg   Chess board 048 (600 x 450).jpg   Chess board 047 (600 x 450).jpg  

    Chess board 043 (600 x 450).jpg  
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    beautiful work.

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    fantastic work Jim, Now you have to start turning the pieces!

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    That's sweet, Jim. I really like the chamfered edges on the squares. I don't think I've seen that done before. Great job.
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    Hey, that's "Plumb Purty", Jim. Like the old saying, "One man's junk is another man's Treasure". Good Save.

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    Jim that's one nice board. I could see my self playing a game or two on that.

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    nice job jim, really like the chamfers

    were the squares glued to each other or just the bottom? or both?


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    bought time jim i was gonna hit you again on it but i see you read my mind.. folks the pics show the general appearnce of it but when you look at the no. of pieces that are in there and fit together it starts to add up to one fine job.. the mitres are spot on everywhere! the first time i saw it, i set my drink down and went over to look it over closer!!! it just draws you to it..
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    That is very nicely done. I love the grooves between the squares.
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    Work of art and beautiful.

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