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Thread: Finaly off the Ladder

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    Finaly off the Ladder

    Some times it takes some of us longer than others to see the light. My compresser is up over head in my garage to save on floor space. I have a cieling pannel that I can remove, so as to get to my compresser for maintanence. I went up there to drain any condensation from the air tank. But the drain valve was frozen in a closed position. Tryed to remove it with no sucsess. I finally drilled it out and put a piece of air hose on it and ran it down to where I can reach it from the floor. Now its a simple matter to just hold a can under the shut off and drain the tank. I may later add more hose to bring it closer to the floor and then just leave a pail under it. This time I used a Ball type valve ,so less chance of any problems.
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    Good idea!

    I try to remember to pop the pressure at the end of my own infrequent use - how often is main tank draining recommended for this type of use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Kosmowski View Post often is main tank draining recommended for this type of use?
    In general, daily, if you use it every day, or every time you fill the tank if you only use it occasionally. Any time the compressor runs, it's adding moisture to the tank. A lot of shops with busy compressors that run all day have automatic drain bleeders that open up for a few seconds on a regular (like hourly) basis.

    I've gotten in the habit of blowing the water out of the tank drain at the end of "shop time" on the days when I'm using the shop. I have other drains in my air piping that I clear a bit less frequently. I keep the system pressurized, but shut off the pump when I'm not not working in the shop.
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    Here on the east side of the Big Island the humidity can get quite high at times. When I was squirting lacquer a couple months back I would get a quart a day and lately it's been just a cup or so. I like the idea of the "remote" drain. I'm going to eventually put my monster in a lean-to on the back of the shop. I think running the drain back into the shop would make it more convenient and less likely to be "out of sight, out of mind".

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