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Thread: Hey, I made a weedpot!

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    Hey, I made a weedpot!

    Iv'e been fooling around with this off and on for months now, finally finished it. The bottom is redgum ecyalyptus with a little bees' wing figure, the middle is staved, very fine grained douglas fir (or VGDF in the woodmonger's venacular) with wenge veneer, and the top is desert ironwood. I used my new buffing system on it. The fir didn't buff out too shiny but the eucalyptus and DIW sure did. I wish I could have made the neck a little thinner, but it has a hollow down the center that prevented it. The flower part was turned, then the petals cut out and shaped with a bandsaw and rasp. 14 inches tall and 10 wide at the base.
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    Wow! That sure ain't your average weedpot. Great work, Barry.
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    Wow, Barry. That is the most elegant 'weed' pot I have seen

    Super job!

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    OK, I'm in the jungle with black helicopters with men in black jump suits flying around more times than not. (don' have a clue as to what they're lookin for) So when I here "weed" and "pot" I look up What is the definition of "weed pot"?? Is it just a vase??

    By the way Berry, Nice looking project! Weed pot or vase ;>)

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    Royall, it's generally a vase-type piece with just a hole drilled into it, instead of being hollowed out to an even wall thickness. Here's a pretty good example...

    Barry's example is several levels above the average weed pot.

    I gotta admit, when I first heard the term it stirred up the same type of images you got.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    Also called a twig pot over here. Usually made to hold singkle stemmed things, similar to a bud vase but not for use with liquid. As said, usually drilled out rather than having a hollow interior and often quite small compared to this fancy one. Definitely not usually as posh and elaborate as this one.


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    Carol beat me to it. Fanciest durn weedpot I have seen. Very fine.
    If you plan to sell it, or others, here is a tip.
    My woodturning club has a show each year and participates at the carvers show as well. Weed pots are good sellers. But, they sell only if they have weeds in them. The guys buy dried flowers and stuff (weeds) before the show and put some in each pot to show what they look like in use. If they run out of weeds, sales of the pots come to a screeching halt. Sell well with weeds. Don't sell at all sans weeds.
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    Weed pots, kinda like the "bracelet" helpers!

    I quit calling them that and started calling them straw flower pots.

    At one of the larger festivals a guy sells wooden roses (think they are shavings from a good plane). He puts them on a wooden stem and paints. Really quite nice. Turned my wife a "straw pot" for hers and then one of her friends wanted one, then a friend of the friend thing and next thing you know,,,,,,,,. But like others have said, mine don't compare to that one!

    Great job!!!!!!

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    Barry, that is unlike any weed/twig/straw pot I've ever seen. Well Done.
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    Your right Frank, my wife pointed that out to me during one of our craft shows. First I thought; OK I'll buy some fake flowers for the display, then if it sells, keep the flowers for another display, but noooo, customers didn't like that, they wanted the flowers too, even if they were crap. So now I keep my eye out at yard sales and thrift stores for dried weed and fake flowers for just such a purpose. (they're kind of expensive at Michaels').

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