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Thread: Belt sanding with/without dust extraction.

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    Belt sanding with/without dust extraction.

    For the past two weeks I've been sanding three large flat pieces on and off. Last week the drive belt on my Hitachi belt sander broke and when I opened it I saw that it actually melted into the pulley. It took some time to clean all the stuff out of there, and after fitting the new belt I started noticing how hot the belt sander becomes. After 20 minutes of sanding, it is next to impossible to touch it.

    Well, last night I modified the pipes on my dust extractor to fit to the belt sander (it involved some duct tape) and I was amazed at the temperature difference. The sander is much much cooler, and it seems as if the belts also last longer. And obviously there is the less dust advantage as well. Anyway I am not sanding without the dust extractor again.
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    Thanks for the heads up Uys

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