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    Tony will see the humor in this post and if you can speak pigeon or have been in the island a bit you'll see it too I came across this on a local forum here in the Puna district of the big island this morning and it is so very typical of communicating with some of the more hardcore locals


    Eh!!! As we all da kine no dese days, da kala is pa'a nui, as in nobody get nough money!!!! Cept fo Madeoff wit da money, an dat Stanford guy, who probably nevah wen Stanford to begin wit,,,,,,,,,, But, da money is tight, is hahd fo buy da kine groceries, you gotta maybe grow lots of your own stuffs, lye radishes, cabbage, kalo, cauliflower, (foget dat one) da kine da kine, corn, eh, anykine!!!! Juss for save money!!!! But, wat you no can grow on your own???????? SPAM!!!!!! DASS RIGHT!!! YOU KNOW CAN GROW SPAM!!!! You gotta raise em, juss lye "Piggy" Hormel does back in Indiana, at da Hormel spam ranch,,, an, wat does Piggy get dat you do'n, plenny security, juss to make sure dat nobody goes an cockaroaches dose Spams, an also make sure day no juss wander off on dere own!!!! Cause, is plenny da kine "Spam russlers" out dere today, tryin fo cockaroach your beloved Spam,,,,,,, So, less juss say you is one Spam rancher, small time, lye maybe you get a herd of twenny 12 oz Spams, a few 24 oz, an, maybe da big Kahuna hisself, da 48 oz can,,,! An, day stay grazin in your yard, all day long, juss soakin up da sun, an all malie, as in calm,, an wat happens????? A FRIGGIN SPAM RUSSLER TRIES FO COCKAROACH YOUR SPAM!!!!!!! An, as we all no, you know can keep your maka, as in eye, on dose Spams all day long, you get oddah tings fo do already!!!! Water da plants, check da hydraponics, adjust da PH level, check fo bugs, you no, da usual agricultural stuffs you get goin in Puna,,, So, I no you stay da kine askin,,, "Uncle Lolo, juss how can I make sure da Spams is okeydokey?????" Well, do we here, as in me, Uncle Lolo, half da ansa to all your pilikias!!!!! Spamiolos!!!!! Dass right!!! You already get da kine Paniolos, as in Hawaiian Cowboys, why not Spamiolos!!!!! Spamiolos goin keep dere makas on your treasured Spam herd all day long!!!!! An, juss wat is a Spamiolo you lye ask??????? Is one gecko, riding one bufo, as in Hawaiian Bullfrog!!!! Dose little guys not only goin keep da maka out fo Spam russelers, day is also goin keep your Spams in one herd, so dat day no juss go an run off!!!!! How great is dis!!!!! So, fo only twenny tree dollah two seveny five, you goin get 5 geckos, plus five da kine bufos, already trained, AN READY FO GO!!!!!!!!! Go whea, I do'n no??? So, ack now, dis is one great deal, do'n let it pass you buy, before your Spam herd does!!!!!!

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Da trufe, brudda!
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    Larry's brother lives near you?????!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    Larry's brother lives near you?????!!!
    Dang! Jonathan cockroached my line!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    Larry's brother lives near you?????!!!
    I didn't understand a word of the OP - maybe that's why Jon's reply hit me as so funny.
    Nancy Laird
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    Das one good one Brah. Whea you wen fine dat?

    Fo' sure some lolo gonna try cockaroach da SPAM if no watch em good kine.

    Eh, Nancy, you neva go islands? You missing someting sistah. Come holoholo wit us. You gonna like em, garrin-ball bearin.

    Mahalos plenty Royall. Das one fo da books.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Very funny Royall.

    One little tidbit though. Spam is made in Spamtown, USA also known as Austin, MN. They make a little in Nebraska, too, but Austin is the home of it.
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