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Thread: Question for Delta owners

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    Question for Delta owners

    I have a Ridgid so I'm not sure but a friend has asked me if I jknow what went wrong, He saiys that after he replaced the blades, his Delta (sorry don't know the model) planer tapers the cut. starts out fine but the amount of cut lessens as it passes through.

    My first thought (as he said he put in new blades and it started) was that he installed the blades with the bevel turned the wrong direction. Is this possible? I know it can be done on my Ridgid and the other planers I have changed out.

    Anybodyy got an opinion?

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    Just a suggestion, but I would remove the blades and reinstall the old blades again. Looks like he did not have the problem with the old blades. If the problem goes away, install the new blades. If the problem returns something to do with the new blades.

    Just my 2 cents worth


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    I have a Delta TP305, but have not changed the blades yet.. I have trouble sometimes with getting a little dip at the start of the cut, then the cut levels out and does fine... when I first read your post I was thinking he didnt have his in/out feed tables level, but after second read, not sure.
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    Question for delta owners

    If the blades are not installed 100% correct they will not cut right.I had a set of magnetic gauges that I used.I would attach the blades loose,then put the gauge on ea end of the blades to hold them in place ,then tighten the bolts up.

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    Am i understanding you right that the board is tapered along its length and not across its width?
    If the blades were installed backwards, I'd think you would know something was wrong the instant the first board touched the cutter head on its first pass through. The cutting angle would be 25 degrees steeper. The wood would not feed well, heat would build up, and the motor would bog down. It would probably sound very different than when it was set up the correct way.
    I'm wondering if, when changing the blades out, something else worked loose or is in need of adjustment. What condition are the feed rollers, their drive train, and their support mechanisms in?
    Are long boards properly supported on both the infeed and outfeed sides?
    It's easiest to check the blade orientation, so i'd start there. If the blades were installed backwards, running much wood through may have already ruined their edge. If they got hot, their temper is gone as well.
    Other options will require some more investigation.

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    Is there a cutterhead lock on this unit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Simpson View Post
    ....... He saiys that after he replaced the blades, his Delta (sorry don't know the model) planer tapers the cut. starts out fine but the amount of cut lessens as it passes through.
    The only way I can imagine that happening is the head or blade is moving while it is operating. If a blade was loose he will know it REALLY soon! He will know better not to do what ever he has done on this his next planner.

    But this simply doesn't make sense to me. Best guess is if it really is doing this, he did something to it when he replaced the blades that he shouldn't have. Blades are not going to cause this. Unless maybe and that is a big maybe, the blades are loose and moving. But as I said, that will become apparent really soon.
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    Paul, you read me right it is tapered along its length,. starts the cut depth but finishes at nothing or near nothing. The fellow tells me he takes very smal cuts when he planes, also I know he usually works in Pine.

    I originally thought that something is lifting the cutterhead, but what? that is why I assumed the blades were in backward, I'll see him tomorrow and he may have the answer as I drew him a pic. of how they should look, he's homework assignment was to look at them (can't take the old teacher out me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    The other thing is the vibration may be adjusting the cutting depth for him.
    I get this when my blades are dull (which they are now) but he said he uses the head lock.

    He wasn't in our Exercise session today so I couldn't talk to him.

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    My planer isn't a Delta, but here are some thoughts. Must admit I've never seen this with a planer, but have seen it with a jointer.

    Are the infeed and outfeed tables separate (the ones I've seen are one-piece)? If so, they need to be coplanar. If the outfeed table is slightly lower than the infeed, the board could be "falling away" from the cutting circle as it proceeds onto the outfeed table.

    Infeed and outfeed roller tension is usually established with springs. If this is out of spec the board won't be held against the tables properly. That usually results in snipe, not in a tapered cut.

    I'd suggest going through all the setup steps outlined in the manual. Something is out of whack or loose.

    Can't imagine it could be the knives. Don't know what would happen if they were installed backwards, but one thing is for sure it wouldn't cut, and I suspect it would complain loudly. If the knives weren't snugged down by the gibs...well, don't stand near that thing, they're going to be flying around the shop. If the knives have been installed so they're not all in line with the cutting circle the only thing that would happen is that one knife would do all the work and the others loaf (upside is you only have to resharpen one knife).

    Will be interested in hearing the solution.


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