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Thread: Re-done Bench Top

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    Re-done Bench Top

    This is'nt really worthy of a new thread for Flatwork, but I just wanted you guys to see it before it got messed up again and pilled high with my next project. One end of the bench had a 6" overhang, So nice for clamping to. I could get clamps on the other three sides,but not much of an over hang. I just added a 3/4" piece of Oak on the other three sides to make for better clamping edge. I have always liked this bench as it has double outlets on two sides and sliding doors on each end that house my sanders& air nailers. After puting that new oak around the edges I decided to give it a couple coats of clear. It just looked so good ....Thought I would share with you all. Besides we are having a Big Snow storm here today and seemed like a good way to spend the day.
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    Looks Real Nice Ron, and sounds like you picked a "Good Day" to scratch one of those Preventative Maintenance items OFF the "roundtoit" list.

    We have had Great weather here this week, but unfortunately, I didn't get to take advantage of even one Minute of it to work on my shop, due to a combination Sinus infection and really bad Stomach Virus. It's been going around for a while down here, and I was lucky enough that it missed me three weeks ago when everyone else I know, (incl the LOML) had it, but it really got me when it finally found me.

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