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Thread: Routing an Ellipse

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    Routing an Ellipse

    I have a jig for routing an ellipse but I am wondering what kind of bit to use. Do I use just a straight bit or should I get a spiral bit? Any suggestions?

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    I prefer spiral but as to up or down cut, that will depend on your material. Up cut pulls so your bottom surface would be your "good" surface. A regular or shearcut bit would also work but spirals give a better edge for me.
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    Glenn pretty much covered what I was going to say. Did you build your jig or buy it? Curious to see what one looks like.

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    I bought the Rockler jig. It looks very easy to use. I will get a chance to use it this weekend so I will report on my experiences with it. I am using it to make a sign for one of my staff at work. I am just starting out making signs so everything is a new experience.

    Good thing today is payday. I need to go buy a spiral bit.

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