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Thread: Very Sad but real deals OLD Machines

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    Very Sad but real deals OLD Machines

    Hi All

    Got a call from a buddy nearby about a kitchen company that had closed their doors last year. Turns out the place was right in the neighborhood and all this time I did not even know about it.

    Well I went around there this morning and the place is almost completely empty but there were a few machines that i thought I would post here in the event someone might be interested in them.

    Note these are old machines and all operate of 550V which puts them out of the league of most of us but I know there are many pros here who I thought just might and I say might appreciate the opportunity to get their hands on these machines.

    One other thing these are in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

    The price is a token of what they are worth but the cost to move them will be significant so I guess the guy is real about what it is going to take to remove them.

    Let me know if anyone is interested I will happily act as a go between no fees on my part just helping out. The owner is a bit disillusioned and so does not want to bother with emails back and forth.

    So here goes there is a Robinson Thicknes planner and jointer 16" 550v

    this is going for $1000 Canadian right now thats around $800 US.

    There is a stoke sander going for $900 Canadian

    There is a Brookman 14 Spindle Dovetailer for $4000 my buddy says he did a complete refurb on this machine just before the place closed.

    There is also a King Spindle sander (way too big for my shop) I also do not have a picture of it this is going for $250 and is 220v.

    There is also a Bandsaw (Italian Make) Framer Bandsaw with 15" throat again 550V he wants $600 for this. (no pics can get some if you are interested)

    There is a bunch of other stuff as well like draw slides and knobs, corner cabinet rotary shelves ( not sure what they are called) etc

    Oh and one other thing is there is a radiant tube heater (natural gas powered) Goes right round the shop. My guess is you could probably get this for free if you took it down. There are three units and at least 60ft of tubing.

    See pictures below. I think they are self explanatory.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_2759.jpg   IMG_2760.jpg   IMG_2763.jpg   IMG_2765.jpg   IMG_2766.jpg  

    IMG_2768.jpg   IMG_2770.jpg   IMG_2772.jpg   IMG_2773.jpg  

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    We have a long ago closed flooring factory not far from me with similar equipment. Must be many-many such places on the Continent. After a while, valuable equipment becomes just scrap. Pity.

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    Frank, I agree with you. Bad enough when a business throws in the towel on a machine because maintenance has crossed their line of cost-benefit. Worse when it just gets tossed cause the doors close.

    The really sad thing is that they might get more cash from scrap than as a machine.

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    Sad to see this equipment go usued!

    Good friend in the biz of buying and selling said this stuff is avail everywhere and now that scrap prices are down, they are not even being scrapped. Last year when steel was up that is exactly what was happening.

    He just picked up a Robinson 6X12 6 head molder, completely rebuilt in 1988 in England and never put online for $1200. He put a blind bid of up to 70k on it at an auction and no one else bid so he got it for the $1200. I guess this machine new sold for over $200k.

    I'm forwarding this info to him but he is not likely to jump on it since he is based in California and already has a huge building full of equipment. Next time I visit I plan to take some pictures cause you have to see it to believe it.


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    Old machines export

    Hi guys
    I have read your post and can't belive the prices you can get stuff in US or Canada
    If it is possible I wish to discus possibility of co-operation on this matter.
    You can find my ditails on my account

    Take care

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    Hi Pawel

    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry as far as these machines go they have already gone to their resting place.

    But you are right about the price of things here compared to Europe.

    Hey seeing you from Poland I spent a fair bit of time their in Warsaw and Krakow back in 1990. Drank too much of that white stuff you guys produce. Had great hospitality and met many people. Still have some souvniers from my trip.

    Also stopped in Zakopane during a business trip. Had a taste of that water they have their. Cannot remember just how many types of mineral waters they had.

    Are you a hobbyist or a craftsman woodworker?



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    Hi Rob

    Gelad to hear that you liked Poland. I live in Gdansk which is in north of Poland. Very nice city. However I just moved 30 km from Gdansk to house and I love it.
    As to the white liquid you have been drinking during your trip that makes us so proud, well it does. Must say litk it very much too.

    I am beginer woodworker but on monday I am starting work at windos/doors factory. Not my dream work but it is woodworking.

    You can skyp me or AIM me if you want.

    Take care


    P.S. Lot has chane in Poland since 1990 mayby it is worth to visit again

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