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Thread: RE Price for Quarter sawn white Oak

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    RE Price for Quarter sawn white Oak

    Ok so I saw a bundle of wood at a local shop that is closed down today and now have itchy feet.

    What would you say is a real good price and I mean bargain price to pay for quarter sawn white oak on a per board ft basis buying around 600df foot in excellent condition in fact most of it is finished two sides.

    Need help pushing myself over the edge, I just love qrt sawn oak.

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    in my area, white oak goes for 5.50 a bf...quartersawn add on another 1.50 at least.

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    Good looking 5/4 QSWO is about $7.20/bf in small quantity SoCal. Price goes up for thicker. I've never price a few hundred bf at a time but would expect the price to be better (but certainly not half).
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    I can get 4/4 for around 5 per board foot. A "I just can't pass this up" price would be half that.

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    600Bf price with normal figure is 4.82 whats the figure and widths of this stuff,, if its wide and high figure then the dollars raise fast i have seen it go as high 8.5 for ten inch stuff and high figure
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