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Thread: Anyone used Minwax Polycrylic WB Poly?

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    Anyone used Minwax Polycrylic WB Poly?

    I used some of this on a project I did for work this past summer because it would be quick and easy to spray on some large plywood panels and numerous small blocks. Based on something I read somewhere I added about 6 drops of Transtint Honey Amber dye. It turned out really good and the color was great on red oak. The pieces I made for work are some blocks to mount bridle rings to run easily reconfigurable network cable in our lab and some panels to mount PLC's on on one wall so they don't get much contact from human hands but after six months they still look the same.

    Today I was making some quicky display shelves for our home office and remembered that I still had most of a can of it left from the summer so I tried it again. The third coat is still drying, but again it turned out really good.

    Both times I found that it appears pretty uneven after the first coat, but after the second coat it evens out great. The grain isn't raised too bad by the first coat and is quickly knocked down with 220 paper. And the recommended 3 coats can be applied in about 6 hours.

    I don't think I'd use it on a fine furniture project, but I'm wondering about using it on cabinetry projects. So has anyone else used this on utility type projects with good results? How does it hold up to environmental conditions like would be seen in a kitchen or bathroom? Does the fact that it is waterbased make it less durable? I know there are higher end products, but one really nice thing is that this can be picked up just about anywhere rather than dealing with shipping (which is especially a problem in winter with WB products.)

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    I have used it and have had good results. I hate to say this (it will get Tod started ), but I believe it is classified as a water based lacquer, not poly, but I am not sure on that.

    As for my results, yep, have to sand it between coats, and I used 4 or 5 coats. I have done it on furniture, just can't remember what furniture I did it on.

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    If that's the blue can, I'm using some right now for an indoor threshold I'm making. I just came back in from getting the 3rd coat on it. It is drying quickly, even in our colder temps today. I'm sure it's in the low 50's in the shop. If the fireworks keep up (been going on for 2 hours already and it's only 9:50!), there's no way I'll get to sleep for a while, I may go put coat # 4 on at midnight. Tonight and the 4th of July are the only times I wish I lived back in town. Thankfully my old dog can't hear them anymore, or he would be pacing and tearing up the carpet. But we have 2 fosters that were turned into Rescue because the neighbors kept shooting guns around them trying to keep them from barking. Didn't try to shoot at them apparantly, but the noise has them un-nerved and my youngest doesn't understand why they are upset, so she constantly barks at them. Maybe I'll have time to get coats # 4 and 5 on tonight. Jim.
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    I use it and like it. I even started using it on some of my turning since it drys so quick. Heres a post using it on some walnut.
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    I've used it with good results on a large indoor shelf I made a few years ago, and it's held up well. I used most of the rest of that can on shop stuff like my crosscut sled, and it's held up real nicely.
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