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Thread: PM Messaging system !!!Update Seems to be working now!!

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    PM Messaging system !!!Update Seems to be working now!!

    Hi All

    Is anyone out there having difficulty with the personal messaging system.

    I am trying to reply to some PMs and it keeps on knocking me out after I have typed the reply when I hit submit it comes up with something about expired and says I must go back. I go back and the content I have typed is gone. type it again and hit submit and bingo same thing.

    Anyone else?


    I cleared every thing in my browser and logged back in and now it seems to be working. Will leave the post in the event anyone else has an issue.
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    rob can yu get the new posts? if so call land line i am home
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    PM Messaging system error rears its head again

    Here is the error I get from time to time re the PM messaging system. Anyone have a clue what i am doing wrong or could this just be a bug with the new version.

    Warning to read the pdf you will have to magnify the picture.
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    Well, there ya go. That's what you get for driving down the Information Superhighway with an expired token. Here's the message, a little bigger...

    Seriously, I'm not sure yet what causes the problem. I'm seeing other people talking about it on the vBulletin support forums, but so far no definitive answers. Glad to see the logout/login seemed to fix it. Let us know if the problem comes back.
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