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Thread: Earrings anyone?

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    Earrings anyone?

    Last months club meeting demo was an earring holder, so this months challenge project is earrings. Easy Enough? Yea, right!! Making the first one is fun and easy. Making the second to match, not so easy. Re-working the first again to match the second that ended up smaller,

    So here is my entry, the ones to the left are from my spring 'baseball bat' series, made of wenge. The center ones are yellow heart from my 'street lights' collection. And to the right are wenge trees from my upcoming 'Christmas' collection.

    Luckily a head is put between them, so the imperfection in shape becomes unnoticeable. Fun was had by all!
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    Earrings anyone?


    Very nice. What dimensions?

    Do you buy the hardware or bend them yourself? What metal?

    Looks like a good idea for a member challenge at out next turners club meeting. Thanks for the idea.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Looks good.

    Don't worry. Usually there are a few imperfections in the head as well.

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    The only imperfection my wife has is that she picked me As a result, the earings are great Tony. I guessing it's a bit tough to go from a two foot bowl to a one inch earing. Well done Sir
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    Great job Tony!
    As for them not being exactly the same.... go ahead and take a peak at my site.... pairs of things never come out the same. It's just the way it is =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Baideme View Post
    What dimensions?
    Do you buy the hardware or bend them yourself? What metal?
    The long ones on the left are about 2" long and 1/4" round at the base (my short wife says they are too long, my tall daughter-in-law says they are just right). The trees are 1" tall and about 1/2" diameter at the base. Measurements are the wood only. The findings are store bought, don't know what metals they are but for what I paid for them I'm sure they are not precious metals. If I get to making more, I'll use better hardware.


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    Tony good looking earrings. I am with KaLea on this because unless you have a duplicator they never will be the same unless you spend hours measuring.
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    Hey, Tony, if ya make 'em, yer sposed ta model em.

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    Those look cool...and give me some ideas, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Norman Hitt View Post
    Hey, Tony, if ya make 'em, yer sposed ta model em.
    I'd offer to model them for him, but they're a bit larger than I like to wear. I don't like 'em to get tangled in my hair.
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    Thank you very much

    I bought some findings some time ago to make some different bits of jewellery.I had conveniently forgotten them but now I suppose I am going to have to do some.

    Idf you can do these you could do miniatures as well. Think of al the wasted wood that you can use up. Also very little clearing up afterwards


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