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Thread: Computer Help - Part Suppliers? UPDATE THANKS!!

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    Computer Help - Part Suppliers? UPDATE THANKS!!

    I'm looking to replace the fried hard drive on our old laptop and I am wondering what retailers (online or B&M) would be on your short list for the replacement?

    Just for reference, existing drive specs:
    4200 RPM

    Not looking for anything special, maybe a little more capacity (80GB?).

    Thanks in advance

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    Not sure where your located Wes, but here in KC we have a non-profit organization (Surplus Exchange) that recycles computer and office stuff, can find some good deals with them. A used hard drive might cost you $5 - $20. Might check around your area.

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    Wes, my go-to online place for computer stuff is I've been happy with all my transactions with them.

    Here's one that looks like it'd work for what you need:
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    Do they even SELL 30GB drives anymore

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    Another vote for Newegg.

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    another newegg customer
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    +...4? On NewEgg.
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    Just put Newegg in my Favorites. thanks.

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    NewEgg is good. I've also gotten some good deals from When I was looking for a DVD burner for LOML computer, they had the best price and free shipping.
    You can also go to or other shopping bot and look by item and the by price, or by brand and model number and get a lot of places and their prices. Jim.
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    Looks like Newegg it is! Thanks to all for your input. And Vaughn, thanks for looking up a suitable replacement. I doubled checked the specs on the old drive and ordered the one you referenced.

    Darren, I'm not familiar with any set-up like Surplus Exchange in my area. It sounds like a win-win type of operation. I'll have to see if something like it has started up here. We do have used equipment dealers, but they sell whole units refurbed.

    Stu, I always remember the first computers I worked with - punch cards and paper tape. We had shelving units full of "memory"!

    Jim, the pricescan site looks interesting. I'll give it a try.

    Thanks again for your help!


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