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Thread: Shaper rub collars plus.....

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    Shaper rub collars plus.....

    All these items are from Grizzly, and can be seen at their website.

    The rub collars are the two Woodstock International sets, G3362 and G3363. I used at most two of these, but when I looked them over couldn't tell which two...maybe one. Only a couple of times. The others have never been used.

    Some cutters that have never been used:

    A set of tongue and groove cutters, C2310, that I bought to make some flooring for my son's family room. During preparation of the oak from rough-sawn I realized I wasn't going to live long enough to do that, so the cutters were only used to make a few trim pieces. I bought the flooring.

    Everything is 3/4" bore except the tongue and groove which are 1/2".
    I'd like to get $200 for the lot, but I'm listening. Plus shipping. I'm pretty sure it will all fit in a flat rate box, but will experiment to get lowest rate.

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