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Thread: wood screen door build - which wood should i use?

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    wood screen door build - which wood should i use?

    i want to replace our back screen door with a new door and would like to try to build one myself. i plan on painting it but i wonder what type of wood would be best for that application? pine? poplar? something more outdoor friendly?
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    White oak - solid and rot resistant.
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    How about cyprus We used it around my overhead garage door opening and next to a little grain raising, it is holding up well


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    I'll be building new screen/storm doors for my house this spring as well. The front will be white oak - great outdoor wood and matches my original entry door / sidelight assembly. The back door will be either cypress or southern yellow pine - something pitchy, known for it's outdoor stability, and locally available.
    In my region (St. Louis area), Black Locust is the gold standard for exterior stability and rot resistance. Honey locust and mulberry are rot resistant as well, but it's my experience that they tend to move around a lot when exposed to the weather. The white oak is great - it's what whiskey barrels are made from - stable and fairly non absorbent.
    I would not use poplar. It's not good in the weather. Maintenance will be higher.
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    Hands down, cypress for me. Matter of fact I have to build one hopefully this spring. It is very rot resistance and takes paint well. Should last for many many years.
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    I made a mail box out of cyprus and it is holding up very well.

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