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Thread: Indy Wood Show

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    Indy Wood Show

    The Woodworking Shows returns to the Indianapolis area at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on January 19-21, 2007.

    Anyone going?
    I still haven't decided as I always make the St.Louis show.

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    They're in Columbus the week prior (12~14). Weather permitting, I'll be at that one on Friday (12th) and maybe Saturday morning (13th).
    Jim D.
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    I'm going to Colinsville (St Louis).

    I went to Indy last year and was disapointed. There wasn't much there that interested me and the acoustics were terrible for the seminars. Of course that is just MY opinion.

    Hope to see you in Colinsville, Doug.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Not sure if I will make the Collinsville show this year Doug. May have to miss meeting all of you again, and the eats saturday evening.

    KC show for sure

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