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Thread: Compact Moulder

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    Compact Moulder

    "Compact" is definitely relative.

    I was on the fence for a long time about the need for a moulder for my cabinet door business. At one point last year, I bought and paid for a 4-head Weinig Quattromat, only to have it sold out from under me to someone who came in with a higher offer. Many of the other machines that I looked at were too heavy for my 5,000 lb. forklift, or had very high combined horsepower. In the end, I decided to stick with the familiar.

    SCMI is not the leader in moulder technology but, like the rest of their equipment line, they make a solid machine and offer pretty decent support and parts availability. The Compact 23 that I got can run on a 100A circuit and I can move it around as needed with my current lift.

    My landlord was kind enough to let me stage it in an unused loading area in my building. Just getting it off the truck was a nervewracking, teetery experience, as it was centered on the flatbed deck and my forks were too short to do a simple pick. But all's well that ends well. We have been learning how to best set up for S4S and mitered door parts. It came with 15 heads of various profiles in carbide. I got some spiral insert heads for top and bottom, and run straight carbide knives on the sides and last bottom (which shaves off 0.020").

    Here are a few pics taken while I looked it over.

    Hood down:

    Hood up, guards off:

    It is about 11 feet long with a 2 meter infeed/jointer table:

    I had the dealer switch the electrics to 230V. The old 440V overloads are in the bottom:

    Motors - the 2 side heads share a motor. It has the nicest variable speed pulley/gearbox setup that I've seen yet.

    Here is one feature on a moulder that allows it to straighten as well as flatten. The jointer head (1st bottom) has a slightly larger diameter cutter beside the main cutterhead that rabbets the edge to register on a short fence before the first side head. You can see how it sticks up above the table.

    It just fit inside the door. (Things were a bit cramped during the move-in.)

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    OOOOh I like new toys! I'm glad I don't have to pay the power bill on that bad boy, at least with our .33 kw!!!

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Wow John, that's a sweet-looking addition to the arsenal. I wouldn't know where to begin working on a machine like that. (Although I guess if I was making a living with it, I'd learn, huh?)
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    Boy, that is quite the machine

    And if that is the "Compact" model, I'd wonder how big the regular one is
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    very nice jr!
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    Hi John are those the Hydro Lock Arbors or a Plain bore/ hydro Head arbors?
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    They are plain bore 40mm arbors. I took the photos while stripping everything down to inspect and clean, so the arbor bolts, caps and spacers are elsewhere.

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    Hey JR other than the name it doesn't look very compact. Looks more like you laid Big Ben down & rolled it into your shop. When I think of a compact moulder I start looking for a Williams & Hussy. In this case its a JR & Hustle....& get it out the door makin money hopefully.
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    And Itought my 725 woodmaster was big. maybe one day.

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    Great thread. That is some machine. I have to ask; You said old 440 set aside, is this a used machine? It looks brand new, maybe just tried out once.

    Ray Gerdes

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