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Thread: My daughter picked the color

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    My daughter picked the color

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ID:	29607Here are some pictures of the first project I built in my new shop. My daughter wanted a new bed but I got carried away. The stain is a water based custom color she picked out with a satin lacquer sprayed on top. The frames are put together with pocket screws and I did dovetails on the drawers. There are 12 drawers in the bed with 2 doors on the end.

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    Very nicely done, Alan. What a great way to break in a new shop, by making such a nice and useful project for your daughter. I'm sure she is one happy girl about now.

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    Great job Alan, I was expecting an awful color due the the disclaimer in the heading Looks good. Welcome to the family Alan.

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    Great work, Alan. I'm with Royall...I can think of a lot worse colors than the blue your daughter picked out. Plus, the customer's always right. Good to see you got the memo about how we like lots of pictures, too.
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    At first I said YUK to the blue, but when I got to final pic I said WOW! Looks great in the room. Great Job Alan!.

    Tony, BCE '75

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    welcome and nicely done ,,the beading and the raised panels all turned out well
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    It looks great Alan, color included. Well done on your Father/Daughter collaboration.

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    Well done Alan! As for the color, the customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer. (Really, the blue looks OK)
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    The color she picked is a water based stain and it was very difficult to apply because it would dry very fast. I found out if you do 2 coats and don't worry too much about the first coat the second one would even things out.

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    Great job. Im planning to make myself a bed similar to the one that you made. If it is alright to ask, what wood did you make yours?

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