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Thread: sycamore lidded box

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    sycamore lidded box

    Warm weather brings a chance to get back into my shop. I decided to try a lidded box with finial. The box is sycamore and the finial walnut. I have not put a finish on yet. Let me know your thoughts
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    Hi Gary.

    That's a nice piece and once finished it will look even better. Good job!

    However, being it cilindrical the finial looks a bit out place, not because its shape, that is great, but because its length, I believe that if it had been at least half of it it will look more integrated with the box. Now it looks as not belonging to the box.

    Obviously this is only my opinion and you should take as such, after all it is your piece and your design.
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    Great looking box. I agree with the finial. IMHO I would have made it more delicate and shortened it maybe a 1/2". Good to be back in the shop isn't it.
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    I really like the shape Gary. I with Bernie in the IMHO department. I think it would be a great box with a Cabachon or inlay in the top. But again...the box is really cool
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    Looking good so far, Gary. I'll be looking forward to seeing pics when it's finished.
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    Thanks for the honest opinion. I will keep in mind for future reference. My main goal for this finial was for it to fit into the box. Getting parts to mate up is still an adventure for me.

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