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Thread: New wood source

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    New wood source

    Anyone need any "Black Stinkwood"?

    I had a new wood source brought to my attention today. Looks like a good place for very reasonably priced African exotics. Can't say I've ever heard of most of these woods.

    Zambezi Exotics

    I've added them to my website "Links" list but I have NOT done business with them (yet). If anyone gets a chance to deal with them let me know what you think.
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    Thanks for the site, I didn't book mark it though, I'm not a fan of sites you have to "log in" to for shopping.
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    Chuck, you don't have to log in to shop. Even though they offer to let you log in on the opening page (which isn't real wise website design, IMHO) you can still browse the site without logging in.
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