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Thread: Papaya "Wood?"

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    Papaya "Wood?"

    Was visiting my sister in Sunny Florida, the week before she had a Papaya tree cut down and saved me the "log" or 3' of it (8" dia.). it is more of a stalk than a tree, and as it dries it shrinks to a rather pithy center.

    Question is, has anyone tried to stabalize this and perhaps turn some project from the mass? Or is it a waste of time?

    I brought that 3' chunk home with me and there it sets in my garage, getting all moldy, etc.

    I thought about cutting off a chunk about the size to turn a small bowl and soak it in Alcohol and see what transpires. Any suggestions?

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    Papaya "Wood?"


    It probably would be a lot like palm tree wood. I have a couple small chunks of Royal palm and it's drying just like you said. Be interesting to see what you come up with. The only thing I can see as a problem would be holding it to turn it. The pithy core might be hard to hang on to.

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    The only thing I've been told is they are hollow when young and the newer growth at the top is too. A friend was telling me this as he had been climbing his (nickname monkeyman) to pick the fruit when the next day or so there was a bit of a wind storm. He found one of the papaya had bent over in the middle and that's when he found out how they grew. He said he wouldn't climb another one. They are fast growing. I planted 7 last spring and they are 7-9' tall and have fruit forming. The watermellon papaya I planted earlier has fruit that is 12-14" long and about 6" in diameter. I'll post a photo if it ever quits raining!

    It will be fun to see what you get out of your chunk. I don't understand what stabalizing is or dose but if it works it just may be worth it.

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