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Thread: Hemlock available free...

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    Hemlock available free...

    Ok, I have a chance today to get some Hemlock rounds... About 18" ~ 20" in diameter, 16" length. Would Hemlock be good for turning too? Trees came down in the last storm too...

    Here's one round the guy cut for me...

    What do you think? Should I go get more?

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    It's wood? Check.

    It's free? Check.

    I think that's a go.

    Actually, I don't know how hemlock is to turn. Is this 'hemlock fir'? If so, it might be a bit pitchy and sticky to turn. (A lot of guys don't like to turn green pine, for example, due to all the sticky pitch.) I'd say get some and give it a spin. If it doesn't work out, you've got some free firewood.

    At this point in my own lathe education, I'll try turning just about anything, if for no other reason than the experience. Hopefully some of the other guys will have some experience to share with you about hemlock.
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    Now that is a good deal! Even Socrates had to work for his.

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    I believe it's Western Hemlock. I really need to bone up on my wood/trees...

    As far as firewood....I believe I have more than enough...

    In fact, it's going on craigslist, as my wife is alergic to the smoke...

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    it tears out abit at least for me.... but the piece i have has some real nice figuring so i'm sticking with it... go ahead and try it... never hurts... not usually anyway

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