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Thread: Sleeping Dog Running

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    Sleeping Dog Running

    One of the funniest videos I've seen in a while. My pup does in once in a while, but she's usually just wimpering in her sleep.

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    Poor dog! Just looked at the wall like it jumped out and hit him!

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    We've got one that snores, and the other two whimper from time to time, but nothing quite like that one. I'm with Royall...I feel sorry for the poor dog, but it's still funny as all get out.
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    So this proves we are not the only ones who dream of things. First time i have seen an animal do something like this.

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    I feel sorry for the poor guy, but your right it is funny.

    Our black lab runs in his sleep but not to that extent.
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    It is funny to watch that, but the part that makes me wonder is that ut is a very deep sleep/dream: could this dog have a form of epilepsy? That's not the normal time to go into a seizure, and the large movements wouldn't be a normal part of that either, but he sure looks disoriented when he does wake up. Could be the head butt into the wall, but might be something else going on. Jim.
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