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Thread: Lack of turning weekend

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    Lack of turning weekend

    Come on guys!!! It's beautiful riding....oops...turning weather . I didn't like the final product, but the owner did. 1) a Sapple lidded box that stinks to high heaven. I'm so sick of that smell...I have 2 good chunks left if anyone is up for a wood swap. Then a couple of bottle stoppers from a cherry/maple sandwich. Cheers

    p.s. Vaughn...can you rotate that one for me? Thank you sir.
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    Great work Jim! Love the lines on the box!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Burr View Post
    p.s. Vaughn...can you rotate that one for me? Thank you sir.
    Fixed, and the box and stoppers look real nice.
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    Great looking box and stoppers Jim. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    The outward curve on the box seems to say "Lift Me! Come on, you know you want to!"

    Good job.

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    Lookin' good.
    What does the Sapple smell like? Can you say it here?

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    I've only turned pen blanks in Sappelle, don't remember the smell though...

    Did a piece of willow yesterday... nasty swamp smell out of that and it was growing in a neighbors front yard, not even all that close to a ditch...phewwwww..
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    Ha!!! I hate smelly wood...except cedar. Sappelle has a very perfumey smell. Not bad by any means, just a bit over powering when your nose is in it for 2 days.
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