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Thread: A few thing I picked up this week

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    A few thing I picked up this week

    1. a Recon PC Pinner from tool king $69.99 from ToolKing loks like it was never used works great.
    2. a used Dremil tool With flex shaft & accessory box $20
    3. 3" C-man belt sander like the one I had for 28 years $5
    4. 3/8 C-man drill $5
    5. Work mate $5
    6. Little plane free.

    For the few times I use a belt sander or electric hand drill these will do nicely.

    I got the Dremil tool to go with the plunge base given me.I don't know how much I'll us it but at least I don't have much money in it.

    The pinner replaces a year old HF pinner now defunct.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PC Pinner.jpg   Dremil tools & box.jpg   C-Man drill.jpg   C-man Sander.jpg   plane.jpg  

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    Nice score.

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    Nice haul, Bart. I had a Craftsman drill similar to (or maybe the same as) the one you got, and it was a workhorse for many years. I also have a Lee Valley "Little Victor" plane that looks similar to the one you got. It's come in real handy a few times.
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    Way to go, great haul.
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    ya dubbed a good haul again bart
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    A few thing I picked up this week

    Looks Good Bart, I have the same Dremel with the shaft. Comes in handy. I have the whole setup of attachments, router base, angle head, roto-tool base and a big bunch of cutters and stones. You will find lots to do with it.

    The other tools are real nice. I like the pinner" I'd like to get one someday.

    Aloha, Tony

    Still waiting for your PM
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