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Thread: Spalted Hickory Natural Edge nested set

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    Spalted Hickory Natural Edge nested set

    Hey folks. Just showing off one of my recent pieces, a piece of spalted Hickory, probably picknut but I'm not 100% on that--possibly mockernut. It was a blowdown in one of the turning club members' yards. Thanks Paul Pierce! This was at and partially below ground level; the roots were totally rotted away, which caused the wonderful green and red/purple colors. The wood was absolutely solid, and no punky spots in the bowl at all. These were turned green, and cored with the McNaughton center saver. I did use black CA glue on a couple small hairline cracks that formed as the pieces dried. I soaked them in DNA and dried them very slowly in a double layer paper bag for a few weeks, then sanded and varnished them with Antique Oil. They are all between 1/8 and 3/16" thick, with approx. 1/4"-3/8" thick bases depending on the size bowl, to balance them. The largest started out at 13.5", but moved a LOT, to about 12.75. The others are about 10" and 6" at their widest. Although quite thin, Hickory is surprisingly heavy even at this thickness, and very dry in the winter in my wood heated shop.

    I'm new to photography; this was just a box and some tissue paper, and a daylight spectrum incandescent bulb. Next time I take pics I'll have to come up with better lighting. The glare spots drive me crazy!!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mini-Nate's Bowls 001.jpg   mini-Nate's Bowls 002.jpg   mini-Nate's Bowls 003.jpg   mini-Nate's Bowls 004.jpg   mini-Nate's Bowls 005.jpg  

    mini-Nate's Bowls 006.jpg   mini-Nate's Bowls 007.jpg   mini-Nate's Bowls 008.jpg   mini-Nate's Bowls 010.jpg  
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    Wow! That's a super set of bowls. Excellent wood and the thinness is very impressive. Great finish on them all, too. Great work. I haven't tried a natural edge set yet, but it's on the to-do list.
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    That is some beautiful work Nathan


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    Beautiful Wood and nicely turned.

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    Wow is that sweet!
    What a great job!
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    Beautiful stuff! Well done! I got ahold of some pecan one time that had some wild spalting.. But my results were nothing compared to yours, That's a really fine and unique set!

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    Beautiful bowls Nathan. Well done.
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    That's about all I can say..
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    I second the WOW. Very nice.

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    I'll give you a third and a fourth WOW......WOW

    Fantastic work!
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