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Thread: Signing work

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    Signing work

    I would like some comments about signing work. Type of pen, before/after finish, etc.

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    Gary, I sign my work with a fine tip sharpy currently after one coat of finish and then add finish on top of that. It doesn't bleed, but I'm not sure about how long it lasts. I've got plans to make a woodburner from a battery charger and a few parts from radio shack that I need to finish soon.

    What do you use?
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    Hi Gary,
    I now use a wood burner. My first attempt was with an inexpensive version from a craft store. The kind that looks like a soldering iron. This works, but my hand was so far from the tip that it was awkward to write with. For Christmas my daughter gave me the Detail master set up. (got to love it when your kids are old enough to work from a wish list) This works very well because it feels like a pen and heats up very fast.
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    I recently attended a one day demo by Cindy Drozda. She applies a finish to the bottom, then uses a dremel engraver. This has a reciprocating needle and she signs with very fine detail. Next she uses an engravers pencil and rubs the engraving. This pencil is colored wax, in this case it was gold. When she wiped off the surface, only the gold that filled the engraving remained. This is why she finished the surface first, so the pencil would not work into the grain. The piece she signed was dark, so the gold was easily visible. She is also very artistic and her hand writing is far better than mine.
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    I use black ink on nice stationery. Then I glue that on the underside of a table, or inside a drawer with yellow glue. Holds up very well, but ages with the piece. FWW had a nice article about signing work a year or two ago.

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    i have a custom brand that i had made,heat up with a propane torch and burn in to the piece before finish and the touch sand to clean up the edges then finish. wont be no one erasing my name and puttin theres if they would ever want to
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    I laser-engraved the two pieces I've done so far - hubby made up a circular logo I can just engrave on the bottom. I've made some PSA veneer logos for a couple of people who really like them. All it takes is a little time.
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    Right now I'm using a fine line sharpie.. I mark all pieces with a piece number, the wood type and my name....on light woods, I'll sign right on the wood, then finish over it... it doesn't work so well with the darker woods.
    So now I'm looking to buy a writing tip for my Razor-Tip wood burner and will start burning the signature in.
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    I started with an extra-fine tip Sharpie over the finish, but that seemed to fade after a year or so. I switched to a 1/32" ball tipped woodburning pen for the wood species, date, and serial number, and I use a "VM" shaped nichrome wire in another woodburning pen for the 'brand'.

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    I have also heard of some using archival ink pens.

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    I use a pen with archive ink.
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