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Thread: Composite Hold-Down

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    Composite Hold-Down

    I found this on ToolMonger:

    Hold-downs can be very helpful in the shop, but did you ever stop to think what would happen if your router bit or table saw blade — or any other cutting tool designed for soft materials like wood — came into contact with a metal hold-down? At best you’d have a damaged hold-down, at the worst flying shrapnel.

    If the last paragraph got your imagination working, these composite hold-downs from DE-STA-CO are starting to look pretty good. The lightweight glass-reinforced nylon can produce a holding force of 200lbs, but it won’t damage your tool. The arm opens 100° to make placing and removing parts easy, and you can adjust the nylon spindle about 1/8″ vertically and 1-1/2″ along the lever arm. The hold-down comes with a slip-on neoprene cap.

    You’ll pay about $10 for one of these composite hold-downs, which is in the ballpark of a similar metal version.

    Composite Hold-Down [DE-STA-CO]
    Composite Hold-Down [McFeely's]

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    How does the composite material act if you say, run it through a router bit or maybe a TS blade? Would it be like cutting plastic or will it shatter? I've never worked with it in this form before.

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    They are made of a material similar to Grr-Rippers. It machines very nicely. DAMHIKT
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    I saw these too. Necessity is the mother of invention... seems I'm not the only one plowing my CNC into my hold-downs.

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