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Thread: Mesquite Bowl Blanks for swap

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    Mesquite Bowl Blanks for swap

    I just cut up a nice mesquite log. Got 10 nice big blanks out of it. I would like to swap a couple. I will send you a 12" dia x 6" blank in a large flat rate box in exchange for a nice blank of similar size, like maybe some walnut or cherry, or if you have something else that you think is a fair trade, I'm open, just PM me. If you like the real gnarly stuff, this mesqiute isn't for you. It's virtually knot and crack free. It's green so it's a pleasure to turn. In the picture is a blank ready to trade, ( although this one is 7" tall so I will have to trim it. And beside it is a rough-out from the wood. The pictures havent been tweaked, but I did wet the wood with water before the pictures. Cheers, Barry
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    Hey Barry,

    Any chance of some 3x3x12 peppermill blanks?
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    I'll trade a couple of Walnut blanks for some Mesquite. Let me know.
    Thanks Scott

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    I'm not a turner but that is some nice looking wood. I would like to see what the swaper will do with it. (pics)
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    Scott, PM sent, Hey Jim Burr, did you get my PM??

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    After I get the riser installed on my bandsaw, I'll swap a hunk for some Osage Orange.
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