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Thread: Show & Tell & a Question?????

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    Show & Tell & a Question?????

    These are the most recent sierra pens I made. Both pics are of the same pens I just didn't know which pic would show better. The 2 lighter colored pens are made out of spalted taramind and the 2 darker ones are a burl.

    My question for all of you woodturners and woodworkers is what type of dust mask do you prefer??? and why??? what ones worked for you and what ones didn't. After completing these pens I think I took in alot of dust, along with all the other projects I've been doing. Here's part of my problem: do to a limited amount of mobility with my arms I have a hard time reaching my head so all the ones you need to take a strap and tie it behind your head hasn't worked for me so I am looking for an easy slip on type or something similiar. I also don't have a dust collection system. Very limited space so if you have any suggestions along the lines of a system I'd love to hear your ideas!
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    Great job on the pens, Joan.

    Good for you on deciding to get some breathing protection. All wood dust is unhealthy, and spalted wood is often even worse. Here is the respirator I prefer:

    AO Safety Woodworker's Mask

    It does have straps that go around the back of your head, but they are elastic, so they are not tied. I can slip mine on over the top of my head, then with very little adjustment of the straps behind my head, I'm ready to go.
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    I've been using this type of system for about 3 years. It is important that whatever mask you end up with to make sure you have it fitted to your face. This is usually described in detail with an instruction sheet.

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    I use one similar to that, but mine clips behind the head, so might not work for you..
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    I got one of these masks called totobobo. I did not have good luck with Dust Be Gone mask as they made my glasses fog no matter what I did. I got this one and really like it so far for $24.95 with 4 extra filters. I use it when turning or sanding pens and small items. Oh and it can be wash which is really nice.
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