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Thread: Shop dog in training! . . . Newest addition

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    Shop dog in training! . . . Newest addition

    I thought I would share some pictures of my shop dogs.

    In the first photo is Daisy and Sammy. Daisy is a 10 yr. old blue heeler that loves to sit in front of the fan when I have it running. Sammy is a lab mix and is almost 2 yrs. old. We rescued him from a neighbor that wasn't treating him very good. He loves to come in the shop and will go to sleep when I turn the machines on.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The next pictures include the newest shop dog Luke. My daughters teacher found him and 2 other pups in a box in a ditch. She came to me with a pitiful face along with her mother to back her up and I couldn't refuse. I call him Cool Hand Luke. The vet says he is about 10 to 14 wks old.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I guess i'm getting soft in my old age because 10 yrs ago I wouldn't have taken the dogs.
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    Congrats on the new addition to your family. All three of our dogs are rescue mutts. The main problem I've seen from having three dogs is the fact that I only have two hands, so I can only pet two of them at once. Jealousy tends to flare up from time to time.
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    I always wanted to be reincarnated and come back as a shop dog.

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    I wouldn't mind being reincarnated as one of my dogs. My wife spiols them so bad. And as far as jealousy between them, I haven't seen any yet but sometimes one of them won't come until I start petting another one an they all come running and just about knock me over! Sammy is real good for that. He is what we call a leaner. When you start petting him, he will start to lean on you and go limp. It makes him feel like he weighs 150#.

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    Great looking dogs.They would make a fine addition to any shop.


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    Alan - U aren"t getting old; u r letting country living affect ur judgement. For the better at that. I just had to bury our old momma, 16 yo and I do miss her. We had her mama also. We've had red merle aussies for over thirty years. I think we will get another one; but I don't know about raising a pup.

    Do U think you will get over to Katy to the WW show; I believe it is the first weekend in April. If I get done with income tax, etc I plan to go. It is easy trip from Schulenburg; not having to go into Big H.

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    Where at in katy is the ww show?

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    Good looking dogs, and thank you for opening your house and home to dogs in need.
    We just picked up two 10 week old Irish Setter/Irish Red & White mixes to our rescue program this evening. Had them here in the house for about two hours at this point. First time in the back yard, they both went over to the shop door and put their front paws up on the door. Maybe they just thought that was the dog house. Jim.
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    Gotta love them shop dogs

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