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Thread: Persimmon NE

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    Persimmon NE

    I named this one "The Peanut" because the shape reminds me of one...

    I got inspiration for this from a piece on Phil Holtan's site.

    I recently picked up some Persimmon on my in-law's farm from a tree that went down during the last ice storm we had, so I decided to give it a whirl.

    This was turned green and then wrapped and left to dry for a short time. It developed some nice bulges around the piths while drying and kinda goofed up the form when you look at the profile. I just left it "as is", sanded it down, then put some AO on it for a satin finish.

    The log I started with was from a limb and was about 6" in diameter and about 17" long. It ended up 15" wide and 5" tall at the tips, and 5-3-4" at the widest point of the wings.

    All comments welcomed - good, bad, or ugly.

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    Very cool, Mark. I like the pith running through the middle of the wings.

    I'll bet if you got the right twist on that thing as it dried, you could remount it and use is as a propeller to move your lathe around the shop.
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    Beautiful piece Mark. Like the pith running thru the wings also. Nice and thin. Well done.
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    Mark, I love it, very nice indeed, the name fits as well, I have to admit, when I looked at it, "Peanut" seemed fitting!

    BTW, I also have to comment on how good your photos look

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    That's nice... I like the persimmon wood... there are two wild persimmons in front of the old barn across the road from my house... I keep waiting for the owner to decide to cut them like he did all the other nices trees on the lot.... I would like to get some of the wood for future use.

    I like the shape of the bowl too. Looks like it could have been pretty exciting to turn that with those wings...
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    I'm glad you still have all your fingers Mark Peanut fits, it's a nice looking golf club
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