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Thread: Sandpaper Storage

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    Sandpaper Storage

    Hi All

    Well I finally have a new project to post. Decided last weekend to get round to sorting out the sandpaper storage now that i have moved into my shop. Nothing fancy just a small unit for plain full sheets as well as the 8 hole sanding discs.

    Unit will be wall mounted initially on its own rail later on one common one that will run the full length of the wall allowing it to be moved. This is a Wood Magazine Shop Projects design that I modified to add the storage for sanding discs.

    Next I am on to getting the clamp storage sorted out for a temp solution to make some space.
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    That's great Rob. It seems like storing one's paper should be so minor but like you, I finally found it bothersome and so built a "place". Nice job.
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    Nice job! I was thinking about making something for storing sand paper in my large tool storage cabinet. This organizer would work, but maybe it would be better just hanging on the wall. I'll have to thing about it.
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    Good looking storage Rob. I need to do something with my storage as it's all just put in one drawer and unorganized at the time.

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    That looks great, Rob.
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    Very nice AND a real time saver too, and one of the best things is that it's easy to see when you're getting LOW and can replenish it BEFORE you run out in the middle of a project. (How many times have I done that)

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    That's a good one Rob!

    With this and your new wood stash I'm sure that you'll use all sheets, so maybe you should have made it bigger

    BTW I like the fact that you are using a french cleat to hang it.
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    Nice job Rob - you'll appreciate being able to 'find-it-when-you-need-it'.
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    Nice looking unit.
    I want to build one like it and include storage for sanding belts (several sizes).
    Anybody have suggestions?

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    looked good in person Rob and as for your clamp storage i would look seriously at yur sheet storage and the clamp storger combo!! as for the sanding belts added to it i just make a addition partion and make them large enought to accept the betls in a bundle of saw 5.
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