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Thread: Just a little model train set for your enjoyment.

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    Just a little model train set for your enjoyment.

    Little is the furthest from the truth. The Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany is a just about 12,000 square foot model train set with:

    800 trains.
    Over 10,000 train cars in total, running several hundred kilometers every day.
    One train is 47.5 feet long.
    Over 170 computer controlled cars.
    More than 200,000 people.
    Controlled by 40 computers.
    200 cameras control the premises.
    Day and night lighting simulator.
    300,000 computer-controlled LEDs

    Enjoy a video here. Miniatur Wunderland
    Their Web site in English here: Miniatur Wunderland

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    Wow Frank that place is unreal. I have been to Germany many times dont know how I missed this. Utterly amazing. Thanks for the post.
    Must add this to the bucket list.

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    That is impressive! Reminds me of the days when the local fire dept. in baltimore would set up a display of HO trains at christmas and all of the animated gadgets and scenes they would have all done with volunteers. What realy got me hooked on trains was the HO layout at the B & O railroad museum. The Trains followed each other on the same track and were controlled with surplus bomber relays and had a fully functional signal system to go with it.

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