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    It could be worse You could be on fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    Was playing around a while back and came up with this. It is birds eye maple. About 4" tall and 1 3/4" round.
    Sold it at Birka a week later.
    The last pic is of some of my fine sewing
    Those captured rings are fun eh

    Love your sewing job, I use that special silver stitch myself from time to time
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    I'd rhater prefer my special stapling stich. It works wonders on pocket bottoms!
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    Cool goblet, Chuck. And you're quite the redneck seamstress for a Yankee.

    Toni, several years ago I had to wear a plastic full body brace for 18 months (the result of a broken back). I wore it under my clothing, and a lot of people didn't know I wore it. If you didn't know me, you might not notice that I had more of a barrel chest than I usually did. There were a few times at my office or at other gatherings when I would staple a piece of paperwork or a picture to my chest as a practical joke. The people who knew I was wearing a brace would get a good laugh, and those who didn't know just thought I was crazy. At one New Years Eve party at a friend's house, the friend (who had already seen me staple thing to myself) gathered a few kids together and said "Come watch this." He grabbed a staple gun, calmly walked up to me, then fired about 5 staples into my chest. I just stood there and smiled, and the kids screamed and went running out of the room. (We did eventually let them in on the trick, so they wouldn't try it at home.)
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    I wish I'd known that you were supposed to put something under your shirt before you staple it Mine still stings when I pull 'em out.
    Your Respiratory Therapist wears Combat boots

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    Good looking piece Chuck. Yep that is the same thread I use when sewing.
    Bernie W.

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    It also work good as a bandaid. Electical tape works too.

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    Hi Chuck. You get the somewhat duboius honor of being the first pictures I'm looking at with the new monitor. WOW I can see everything!

    Love the little goblet.

    The only comment I'll make about your sewing is that I HOPE THAT IT WAS NOT NECESSITATED BY AN ACCIDENT!

    Bruce Shiverdecker - Retired Starving Artist ( No longer a Part timer at Woodcraft, Peoria, Il.)

    "The great thing about turning is that all you have to do is remove what's not needed and you have something beautiful. Nature does the hard part!"

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