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Thread: Just scored a good deal

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    Just scored a good deal

    I was in Home Depot yesterday and saw that the Milwaukee V18 drill kit was
    on sale for 169.00. I came home and went to the Home Depot website and
    saw that the drill and kit regularly sold for 343.00. I then figured that I was
    probably mistaken and had seen the Milwaukee M18 drill kit rather than the
    V18 as the M18 drill sold for 199.00. Went back today, and sure enough, it
    was the V18 drill, driver, hammerdrill kit. Needless to say, I whipped out my
    Home Depot consumer card and purchased the drill. Even though this drill is
    chinese made just like the 1/2" corded magnum drill I posted about under the
    topic "Disappointed but not surprised", after reading some of your thoughts
    concerning chinese made tools, and the fact that I discovered that some of
    my older tools were also chinese made, and had performed flawlessly, I decided that maybe the quality just might still be there.

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    ok what yu gonna use all yuor new toys on? got something in mind ?
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    Just scored a good deal

    I don't have any immediate plans to use it, it just seemed like a good deal
    and I liked the looks of the drill. Checking on Amazon showed that the drill
    could be had for 168.00 so it looks like Home Depot was putting a heckuva
    markup on the drill.

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