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Thread: $0.99 Spring Clamps at HD

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    $0.99 Spring Clamps at HD


    I was wandering thru one of my local Home Depots (Watchung NJ) when I walked past the clamps in the Tool Corral.

    There was a box of 2" metal spring clamps with NEON GREEN tips for $0.99 each. While they are not on sale they seem to be a good deal.

    These spring clamps are definitely tougher to open than the Husky 2" spring clamps in the bin next to them, but they are $3.00 cheaper each.

    I picked up 8 clamps to go with the 4 corner clamp brackets I bought a few weeks ago at the Woodworking show.

    Check 'em out if your interested.



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    I bought one just to use especially for holding the 'red rag' on the ends of boards I buy that hang over the tail gate...

    It's actually a nice little clamp!
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    I've been using around 10 of those for a few years, some black and then they switched to green. Still 99cents and still work just fine ;-) A good deal on this type of clamp.
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