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Thread: Sears Clarifies Craftsman Tools Warranty

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    Sears Clarifies Craftsman Tools Warranty

    The following is a post from The Consumerist:

    Earlier this month, we noted how a reader was having trouble getting Sears to properly honor the lifetime warranty on his Craftsman tools. Now David Figler, a vice president of the company, has responded and said, "We stand behind the warranty—complete satisfaction—period." Below is his email, and a portion of the memo he sent to Sears stores on the matter.
    I work at Sears Holdings to develop and promote Craftsman tools. I am sorry to hear that we did not get it right the first time Brian visited his Sears store for a Warranty exchange on Craftsman tools. Unfortunately, we do not always get 100% execution from all our associates on our warranty exchanges, although we are always striving towards it.

    In response to your column, I have worked internally to be explicit on the issues pointed out to make sure we do not disappoint again. Craftsman tools have a heritage of performance and trust. I want to assure you and your readers we stand behind the warranty – complete satisfaction – period. Though disappointed with Brian's experience, I'm grateful that I could learn of it and take steps to prevent a similar mistake in our stores for the next customer. An excerpt from the internal communication to our store associates is below.

    Subject: Craftsman Hand Tool Lifetime Warranty
    There have been several news articles and emails regarding customers being denied Craftsman Hand Tool exchanges for reasons that are not part of the warranty. We've had specific complaints of denied exchanges based on:

    - Tools having rust on them
    - A 3 Piece per day limit on exchanges

    These are NOT valid reasons for denying our customers their right to exchange their Craftsman Tools under the Lifetime Warranty.
    The warranty states: "If for any reason your Craftsman hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, return it to any Sears store or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for free repair or replacement. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state."

    Our Craftsman Hand Tool Lifetime Warranty is one of the most important competitive advantages we have in the market. It is crucial that we ensure all of our sales associates are trained to understand all the hand tools that are covered under this warranty.

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    I'll applaud his willingness to listen and learn
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    he definitely listened and now if his help will as well??
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    This is a great response and I resect the man's enthusiasm. It makes you wonder what internal challenges a store manager is presented with that would make him NOT want to honor the warranty(?). Maybe there aren't any and as in some other stores, the "boss" forgets that even though it is "his store" it is not his company(?).
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    Good that Sears is taking this position.

    There will always be the guys that buy a damaged Craftsman tool at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar, and return it to the store for a new replacement.

    At least Sears will support the honest folks who expect that a lifetime warranty is just that.

    I once bought a Craftsman torque wrench, only to find small print on the packaging excluding it from the lifetime warranty. I returned it.

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    I also applaud Mr Figler for his attention to this subject, and the action he has taken. I certainly know of some other chain stores besides Sears that need to take similar action but have not shown much interest in that regard.

    TIP: (just in case Anyone here is NOT aware, this is for them)
    As most know, Sears sells many tools under the "Craftsman" brand,
    BUT, they also sell a line of Cheaper tools under the "Sears" Brand, and
    Those Sears Brand Tools, Do NOT carry the same warranty as the
    "Craftsman" Brand tools, so to keep from being surprised and
    disappointed later if the tool should fail, BE SURE to note that it
    IS stamped "Craftsman", and not "Sears".

    I mention this only because I was unaware of the difference in the warranty when they first started selling the SEARS Brand tools, and actually just thought they were still the same tools but had just started labeling them Sears instead of Craftsmen. I only found out the difference a while later when I tried to return two of the wrenches that had spread and became unusable.

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    I live in Denton, Texas and ranched at Schulenburg, Texas.
    A number years ago I took in a handful of Craftsman tools and was given the maximum number spiel; I asked for a supervisor and was treated with respect and honor. I do know they are firm on thier electical tools; seems each has a different warranty.

    lowes say lifetime on KOBALT; we'll see. HD's Hosky doesn't sell enuff to count as yet. I have been trying to exchange a socket and they don't stock sockets in Denton store. I don't even know where I got it.

    We live and learn.

    Ray Gerdes

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    I got hit by that rusty tool one many years ago. It was a pair of pliers that wasn't opening and closing smoothly. They did accept the return but were kind of unpleasant about saying, "We normally aren't supposed to accept rusted tools ..."

    Come to think of it, that just might be the last time I went to a Sears mall store for tool purchases. I do go to my local Sears Hardware store, but mostly for supplies - they carry 1 lb boxes of wood screws that are square drive capable, whereas the next door Lowes doesn't.

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    I have also seen packages labeled Craftsman while the tool in it wasn't.


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    Good for Sears. I've returned several socket wrenches over the years with nary a problem.

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