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Thread: A Sacramento Sawdust Maker

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    A Sacramento Sawdust Maker

    I'm an amateur, trying to keep up with the big kids, even tho I'm now 70.
    Been making stuff a long time, starting to wonder what I'm going to do with a 3-car garage jammed with tools when I'm no longer upright.
    Anyone know if there are dealers out there who buy entire non-commercial shops?
    Got lots of stuff, e.g. tabel saw, radial saw, 12" chop saw, 8"jointer, 18" band saw, 15" planer, 16-32 panel sander, lathe, dust collector, and so on, including all the regular hand and other power tools.

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    Hey Bob!

    Welcome from another Sacramentooofian!

    I'm not familliar with a dealer like you mention. I see lots of estate sales for after that dreaded day posted on craigslist, which makes me think that maybe that's the way things are done. I've heard of some estate auctions, too, but that's about it.

    Glad to have another local on the forum. Welcome!
    Jason Beam
    Sacramento, CA

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    Welcome aboard, Bob.

    I've not heard of any dealers who buy full shops, but I do recall seeing listings on eBay from a guy who would acquire a full shop (piece by piece) of vintage old iron, refurbish it all, then sell the entire shop as a single lot. (Down to the clamps and screwdrivers.) He did this at least two or three times over a period of a few years.

    I would think when the time does come to sell your tools, you (or your heirs) would probably do better selling each of the major machines individually. The smaller tools could probably be sold in lots. Hopefully you won't be needing this advice for a long time. Sam Maloof is still using his shop at 93.
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    Hey Bob

    Welocome to the forum. I would just enjoy the now and let the sorting of the tools out afterwards take care of itself.

    My thoughts on thsi matter are that if near that time i happen to know of a youngster that has shown the interest and inclination to get into woodworking, I will arrange my will such that he gets left the contents of my shop since I dont see my kids wanting it and when I see the prices that the tools attract after we have bought them then I think rather than sell them getting a youngster off to a good start would be worth more than the money would be to my estate.

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    I was surprised to get any reply at all, let alone three within a couple of days.
    It's nice to know there are lots of us out there, and that "Fine Woodworking" magazine and "Woodworks" and Norm do have a markets after all.
    Thanks for the good thoughts, and I'll keep checking in.
    I'm new to this, and hope I'm not replying to my own posting.
    Bob Judah

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