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Thread: Rotary Phase Converter Questions

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    Rotary Phase Converter Questions

    Ok, so I recently purchased a 10hp RPC panel. It was supposed to arrive with instructions, but there are nothing but a couple labels. I have yet to purchase and idler motor, but was hoping someone could give me some info on connecting everything properly.

    Right now there are three terminals labeled "To idler motor". Seems self explanatory, but what happens with a 6 or 9 lead motor? I know I need a 2 or 4 pole motor, but I am not sure what that means. Also, the terminals labeled C, A, B I assume are the output 3ph which will power my tools. What's the best way to split the output between 3 or 4 machines? Another subpanel? Thanks.


    P.S. I didn't know where a topic like this should be posted, so I will understand if it gets moved.

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    I have a friend Bruce Norton that builds those. He is a wealth of info If you want I will put you in touch with him

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    I second Bruce, I used his plans to build my 12hp unit.

    But, I would question the quality of this unit if it doesn't' come with decent instructions..... what else isn't right? I would be going back to them and asking questions. If you fry it, then you out of luck.
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    Finally got a call from the guy....

    Well, it seems that after posting comments on a machinist forum of which he is a member, he finally got word of my irritation and called me. I think I will be able to get it wired now, but I may still want to contact your friend. I don't want to deal with the company that made mine, cuz I was lied to along the way. I believe the product to be functional, although one wired needs to be re-crimped. I also don't think the other members of that forum were too happy that I posted negative comments on his service. I figure it's not worth getting into the details of my transaction, but I would steer clear of WNY Supply, even though it's a good product.


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