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    For tod

    This really raises my blood pressure.

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    griz bought southbend......
    or the name anyway......
    i`ll refrain from expressing my opinion of this transaction and the business
    model it represents as well as the social ramifications....
    sad day indeed!
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    From reading the posts on the SB forum, it doesn't seem like LeBlonde was doing the SB fans any favors. They seemed to be willing to let the legacy wither away and die. At least Shiraz appears to want to revive it. And he bought more than the name.

    I don't think there was much chance of anyone starting to make South Bend products in the USA again. That hasn't happened since when...1969?
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    Actually, well into the thread, it's clarified that the same guy who owns Grizzly (an American no less) bought South Bend. Grizzly didn't buy South Bend, but the owner of Grizzly. It's independent of Grizzly and will stay that way. Recent South Bends were manufactured in Taiwan anyway, so i don't see a big change, except for the fact that LeBlonde won't be price gouging SB parts anymore.


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