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Thread: Working with Sapele

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    Working with Sapele

    I bought a piece of Sapele for no other reason than it was very beautiful and I'm thinking of building a doll cradle for one of my grand daughters. I would appreciate some feedback from anybody who has worked with Sapele. I do not have commercial grade tools.

    Thanks, DKT

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    I did a lidded box out of it. It has a great scent to it. I was very easy to work and sanded well. Since I spin everything, I can't tell you how it would run thru a tablesaw, but I had no problems with it
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    Here is an exerp from another site:

    Scientific Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum

    This African hardwood is highly sought afterr for its similarity to Mahogany for guitar making, furnitue making and now for flooring, decking and paneling applications. Sapele's colors are a little more reddish than Mahogany, with dark tones and purple-brown hues. It works well with hand and machine tools, but its interlocking grain can tear easily in planners if not done carefully. Sawing and peeling this wood is easy, unlike other hardwwoods that can put a strain on your tools.

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    my experience is limited to the past 6 months and me working with sapele and mahogany together.(Ive used around 200 bf so far)
    I can tell you its very important to cut with good blade, or it will leave burn marks.
    I havent had any problems planing it, it machines rather well I think.
    you need good dust control because it produces a very fine reddish powder when machined that gets into every crack and any opening.
    I will also tell you the one thing the pro selling me the wood advised me as very important when working with sapele. apply finish equal on both sides, even if its a bottom not seen, do not apply finish to one side only.

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