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Thread: More of the same

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    More of the same

    Cherry peppermill who's shape I missed by a couple of light years. LOML said "whatever is in the wood is what's going to come out" I'm still looking for blanks with a couple million in them. About 10" and 1 coat of Wipe on poly so far. The green tint is due to me sucking ditch water with my camera. Thanks for the
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    Don't see a thing wrong with that Jim. That is a beauty.
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    Very nice Jim, seems to me you found the mill inside the blank perfectly.

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    I think it looks nice, Jim, and over time the cherry will darken nicely. I think I see what you may be criticizing about the shape, but a lot of others will likely think it's a design feature. I'll bet it's comfortable to hold, and that's what people will be noticing when they use it.

    On the green tint, you might try taking the same picture several times with different white balance settings for your camera. (Check the manual to see how to choose between the different white balance options.) You'll likely see one of the settings looks best for pics in your kitchen. Just use that setting for future pics taken there, and it should get rid of the green for you.
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