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Thread: Is this worth $399.00?

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    Is this worth $399.00?

    It followed me home & that's all I paid for it.

    I figure with this Hitachi C 12RSH & my Wixey Digital Angle Gauge I should be able to do just fine.

    It is going to make my shop seem bigger. Because I'm going to to move the 12" RAS to storage & sell the 12" CMS.
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    Looks like a great score! Sounds like a great price too.

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Looks cool as all get out if nothing else!
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    Nice get, Bart.
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    You betcha!

    My 7 1/4" unit and the table reconfig I did sure freed up some space in my workshop.

    Good price too!
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    Is this worth $399.00?


    Looks like a nice one. Is that a lot like Stu's?

    Hey, how come I never hear from you?

    Aloha, Tony
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    I think Stu really started something with these saws. I couldn.t find this saw at our HD. The cheapest price I could find was Tylertool. You got a great deal at that prics Bart. Check and see if it qualifies for the mail-in-rebate for the free Hitachi M12v fixed base router. LOML is mailing mine out today.

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    New tool, cool.
    More shop space, better!
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    good for you bart,, looks like a good solution and gain in space as well.. they are definatly a good substitution for RAS now days.
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    Nice Bart, Very nice.
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