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Thread: Hello from Southern California

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    Whittier, CA, USA

    Hello from Southern California


    I have been posting and reading for a couple of weeks and it's about time I introduce myself.

    I'm Dan in Whittier, CA a burb east of Los Angeles and north of Disneyland. It's 45 minutes to the beach or 90 minutes to the ski slopes!

    I am a homeowner tinkerer and carpenter. My woodworking experience has been in rental property maintenance and refurbishments, but experience at home and what I learned from my Dad goes from masonry/construction to cabinet and furniture making. My other diehard interests are bicycling, travel, good food (making and eating), good music, BBQ, landscaping... anything new I can learn.

    My shop is in the garage, a beastly man cave if there ever was. Except for the table saw all of the "stationary" equipment is used from craigslist. I have found very good equipment that only needed some surface cleaning, minor repairs and lubrication. The oldest user is my 61 year old Buffalo drill press. Right now I am on the hunt for a made in the USA 8" jointer to replace my 6" chiwanese unit. If someone in the area needs to use some woodworking equipment I am happy to help out, drop me a message.

    My profession is in Information Technology, but I am one of those 11% in California looking for work. I used to run the BEHR Paint corporate data center in Santa Ana, CA. They make good stuff.

    First and foremost in my life is my family and anything we can do together. We are the wifey and me, two girls 3½ and 5, one boy 2, currently one high school exchange student from Spain and 2 dogs.

    There sure are a lot of nice people in this forum and I am especially impressed by the easygoing nature and civility expressed by all of you. I have to say that doesn't seem to common out here in the internet.

    Cheers to All!
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    Dan Gonzales
    Whittier, CA, USA
    Dona nobis pacem

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    hi dan!
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    Howdy Dan! I'm up northwest of you bit in Tujunga. I bought my Shop Fox bandsaw and mortiser at Battel's Hardware in your neighborhood, though. I'm another 11 percenter, recently laid off from a software company. I'll let you know if I hear of any data center manager do the same if you hear of anyone needing a tech editor/writer.
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    Howdy from Texas Dan. I joined this forum for the same reasons. You can always find someone here willing to help with a project or give advice on a tool but don't forget that we love pictures just in case you post any of your projects or talk about your tools.

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    Hey, Dan!

    Another techie! Lots of us here... Even some from So Cal!

    But come on, we need pics of your shop! Especially if you've got cool stuff!

    Welcome to the madhouse!



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    Welcome to the family Dan!

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    Welcome to the Family, Dan. Techies abound here, so between them and all us woodworkers, you should feel right at home.

    As we say in the South, pull up a cheer and set a spell!
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    Beautiful country out there. In the early 80's I would be out in Southern CA almost every month. Was out there a week last September. Actually stayed in Dana's Point and fell in love with the area all over again.

    Sorry to hear you are part of the 11 percent. However it sounds as if you have your priorities right. I think you will enjoy this group...

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    Glad to have you Dan and you are right this is a very friendly bunch and a great place to hang out


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    Welcome Dan! I'm one of the 8% in Idaho. It is, unfortunately, a growing club.
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